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F.I.U. Lady Prof- “You Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Graduate if You Believe in Creationism.”

Hey parents! See what you’re paying big bucks for your kid’s education? A rather mannish female professor telling your college student that God’s a myth and if she had it her way they would not get a diploma if they believed in the creation account in the scripture. Hope & Atheism.

College Professor Calls The Bible A Myth

A recent study conducted by Georgetown University confirms the fear of many religious parents who send their kids off to a four-year University; college kids are largely becoming secularized by institutes of higher education. Not even half of students who attend a religious university attend a worship service at least once a week. Colleges have been slowly transformed into the Church of Darwin where free speech and open dialogue is encouraged, unless you disagree with their eugenicist ideas. Then you will be publicly or even academically scolded and punished for your apostasy.

Below you will see Professor Lesley A. Northup, Dean of Florida International University’s Honors College, explain why religion is a myth. More specifically, the professor targets the Judeo-Christian scriptures as she lambastes those who are stupid enough to believe they are factual and not just fables that one can live their life by. After all, what is the difference between the story of Jesus and dragons?

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Andres Ortiz

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