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God-n-Country Lovers: Dig In – Hunker Down – And Breed Like Rabbits!

A few months ago my wife and I did something we thought we’d never do. We pulled our six-year-old son out of public school and began home schooling him. It’s not that we have a bad school, not at all. In fact the school system in our area is top notch, and one of the reasons we chose to move to this area. It’s just, well, let me go back a year in time.

We sent our sweet, God-fearing little waif to Kindergarten last year and all seemed well. I loved the routine of getting him ready for school, playing with him out in the front yard as we waited for the bus and then picking him up at the road after school and talking about his day. It always reminded me of that scene in Forest Gump where they’re waiting on the bench for the bus to come. It was a real father and son bonding time.

But then one day he came home swearing like a sailor, and I thought, Hey, he’s only five years old! What are they teaching him? The first couple of times I just interrogated him and then corrected him verbally. After that we resorted to spanking. It just doesn’t sound right when a Kindergartner uses the “F” word.

So this year we’re keeping him home and it’s all going pretty good. No more swearing. We seem to have our sweet little boy back again. Breathe a heavy sigh of relief. Now on to my real purpose in writing this story.

Ever since the election from hell a few weeks ago, I’ve been reading story after story about what the Republicans need to do to save the country. And that whole concept just doesn’t smell right to me. If the Republicans were able to save the country, wouldn’t they have done it already? Now, I mean no disrespect to political elephants, but my faith was never in Mitt Romney. After all, there were seven Republican candidates and Mitt was number seven on my list. But let’s be honest, even if the absolute most conservative candidate, the best leader, the most moral, the one with the most experience and the best platform had been elected President, our country would still be going to hell in a hand basket.

Why? Because our families are going to hell in a hand basket. Do you want to know how to fix this country? Easy. Fix our families. Problem is it takes twenty years to do it, and we may not have that long. I think moms and dads need to get back to basics and worry about their own households. I’m talking to myself here too.

The way I see it – we need a whole new electorate. So we’d better just dig in, hunker down and start breeding like rabbits, because it’s going to take a lot more conservatives to counter all the liberals being pumped out by the media and the public education system. They outnumber us, so let’s hurry up and make some more voters. But you can’t just breed them; you have to raise them to be morally upright, to follow God’s rules, and teach them the basic principles of the founding fathers.

There’s no reason why we can’t do this. After all, conservatives should be able to outbreed liberals with one testicle tied behind their back. Most of the liberal babies get aborted, and the homosexuals don’t pro-create. It’s a slam dunk. But first, I suggest we all get down on our knees and get right with God. Then, instead of making time with your young, long-legged secretary, go home to your wife and make some babies.

God says to “raise up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

Vladimir Lenin says, “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.”

So the big question is, “Who do you want raising the next crop of voters?” – Vladimir Lenin or God?

If comrade Vlad gets his way your kids will learn that globalism, environmentalism, socialism and immorality is good. And that America is bad and God does not exist.

On the other hand, you can have a good time with your wife, make some babies, teach them solid Christian values and the importance of being a good citizen and in as little as eighteen years we’ll have a fresh crop of conservative voters to get this country back on track.

I’m not saying we should give up on elections until then, I’m just saying our hope isn’t in any politician or political party. Our hope is in morality and faith in God. America has gone to hell in a hand basket because Americans have chosen hell over heaven.

So if you want to save America, if you want to be a patriot, then dig in, hunker down and breed like rabbits!

Image: University of Victoria library, bikes, and rabbits; Jeffery J. Nichols (Arctic.gnome—talk—uploads); Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

Skip Coryell

Skip Coryell lives with his wife and children in Michigan. Skip Coryell is the author of nine books including  Blood in the Streets: Concealed Carry and the OK Corral; RKBA: Defending the Right to Keep and Bear Arms; The God Virus, and We Hold These Truths. He is the founder of The Second Amendment March and the President of White Feather Press. He is an avid hunter and sportsman, a Marine Corps veteran, and co-host of the syndicated radio show Frontlines of Freedom. Skip also hosts the weekly podcast The Home Defense Show, which can be heard 24/7 at For more details on Skip Coryell, or to contact him personally, go to his website at