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YES: We Have Four More Years; NO: We Are Not Defeated.

Unfortunately, this past election did not turn out the way we conservatives had hoped. Or even the way it should have turned out, never mind the unabashed amount of voter fraud, but I digress. We have four more years of the most radical president in American history and if you don’t believe it just looked at what he has done and what has transpired since he has come into office. But I won’t go into that today because if you haven’t been paying attention these past four years then you are probably a Democrat. What I will go into is that we as Christians should not be discouraged, much less start crying apocalypse simply because Obama was re-elected.

Maybe I haven’t been keeping up with the news that well, but last time I checked Obama was not impaling Christians in his backyard and burning them to light his barbecues on the charge of “hating the human race” much like Nero did in Rome back in the first century. If most of us got dropped off in that time frame, Christianity would not have spread farther than Israel’s backyard. We have to remember that we worship the One who has conquered death, hell, and the grave. If President Obama’s actions as a leader are completely antithetical to God’s Word then you better believe Yahweh is not timid to take him to the gauntlet for a little reprehension.

What we have to also consider is how this was allowed to happen. Despite what youth groups and pink-website churches are teaching nowadays, God often judged the nations with appointed leaders. Knowing that, we have to take a hard look at ourselves and point the blame gun in the unusual direction. Too often do I hear Christians complain about the rampant anti-Christianity in college, the workplace, and their circle of friends. But not very often, rarely I would say, do I hear the Christian revel in the lively discussion that they engaged in while defending the tenets of Christianity and in effect, a conservative worldview. Persecution is not even in play here.

John Calvin once said “a dog barks when his master is attacked. I would be a coward if I saw that God’s truth is attacked and yet would remain silent.” I would not even call us a nation of poodles because some of them have awfully annoying barks. We are a nation of cats, we see trouble and we jump ten feet high and run away. We see someone breaking into our home and ransacking what is rightfully ours while we hide under the couch and wait until Jesus comes to rapture us.

But this is what the Bible says about our faith: “This is the victory that has overcome the world: our faith.” 1 John 5:4. Moreover, God gives our nation hope through repentance and prayer in 2 Chronicles 7:14.

Remember how they used to address the early apostles? They would say these are the men that have turned the world upside down. Today, if Christians speak in a public forum we are laughed and mocked at. We need to be constantly reminded who it is that we represent and that our citizenship is not of this world.

Christians have been called to steward God’s awesome creation and we need to raise up a battle cry that we will be damned before an elected leader converts an excellent nation such as ours into just another ditty in history, where the church is noted as having been silent and later trampled.

Gird up your loins and take whatever resources, talents, or even trials God has given you and use them to further the cause of His Kingdom and watch our political dialogue completely change. Watch the life of the unborn no longer need defense. Watch our economy become blessed and responsible. Watch the good society of Christ come to life as the dark philosophies of Darwin, Marx, and Kinsey gasp for their last breath.

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Image: Henryk Siemiradzki (1843–1902); Nero’s Torches (Christian Candlesticks); National Museum, Kraków; public domain/copyright expired.

Andres Ortiz

Andres Ortiz is the founder of The Saving, a ministry that plays heavy music with heavier Christian content. His new album "David Star", based on the life of David, comes out March 9th, 2014. Follow @andresaving on twitter.

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