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Another Sports Announcer’s Stupidity: A “Cornball Brother?”


800px-RGIII_with_Marines_at_NFL_Draft_2012Most Americans are football fans. From the Colts to the Jets and from San Diego to Chicago, we all love a crisp winter day and watching as our beloved team takes the field. I must admit, I love football and everything about it. But what I don’t love are politically correct race baiters and liberals who have begun to infiltrate our beloved sport and make it about everything except the glory of a punt return for a touchdown and the epic match ups that always keep us coming back for more.

The NFL has been the center of a lot of controversy lately. Javon Belcher kicked off much of the media firestorm after his now infamous murder-suicide. Then just weeks later two members of the Dallas Cowboys lives were changed forever after a drunk driving accident that left one player in jail and the other in the morgue.

Then finally we now have Redskins’ quarterback Robert Griffin III being called a cornball brother and not black enough. According to ESPN analyst Rob Parker, Griffin isn’t “down with the struggle” because of his white fiancé and because he may or may not be a Republican.

Griffin, or RG III as he has been coined, has been asked repeatedly about his race and he has been nothing but classy about his response. Most recently when he was asked about his race he replied, “I don’t play too much into the color game, because I don’t want to be the best African American quarterback, I want to be the best quarterback.” Because Griffin has been quick to shutdown any debate about his race and position, he has become a target for militant black race baiters.

Parker rewarded Griffin by calling his affiliation to his race into question because of his choice in wife and how he may or may not vote. Parker even compared him to Tigers Woods, who in Parker’s opinion, doesn’t want to be called black either.

Before the panel came to a close Parker didn’t miss a chance to throw another jab at Griffin and his perceived “Uncle Tom” status. Here is the quote that Parker ended with. “We could sit here and be honest, or we can be dishonest. And you can’t tell me that people in the barbershops or people that talk, they look at who your spouse is. They do. And they look at how you present yourself. People will say all the time, you’re not gonna get a job in corporate America wearing those braids. It happens all the time. Let’s not act like it doesn’t, because it does.”

In the end, I feel as though the game we love is falling victim to sports commentators like Bob Costas and Rob Parker who care more about their liberal politics and racial bigotry than our beloved sport.

I seem to remember another prominent commentator who made a remark about the race of a quarterback. His name was Rush Limbaugh and he was chased out of the sports world for racism that was never even proven. My question is, will we see Rob Parker run out of the sports world for his obvious racism? Probably not and it is unfortunate that this poor young man is forced to be subjected to the attacks when all he wants to do is play football.

I guess in closing I find myself wondering, how far have we fallen that we can’t even enjoy a football game without race and politics ruining the fun?

Image: Sgt. Luke Boyd (L) and Staff Sgt. Marlon Green pose with Robert Griffin III; courtesy of: Official Marine Corps photo by Gunnery Sgt. Matthew Butler/RELEASED; source: Flickr; author: MarineCorps NewYork; Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license

Mark Mayberry

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