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by Clash Daily’s Pigskin Pundit

American_Football_1.svgWe’re down the home stretch, and there’s still plenty to be decided in the next two weeks.  Exciting times!  I went an unimpressive 10-6 last week, for a season mark of 137-71-1.  I can’t seem to get to 70% no matter how I pick.

What is going on with the Jets?!  Rex seems to have lost his marbles.  This week they’re going with the 3rd-string quarterback?  Is there any more humiliation to be found with Gang Green?  I feel for the Jet players, who deserve better than this display of rodeo clownery.  Surely there will be wholesale changes in the off-season, as this train wreck is going nowhere.

Jim Harbaugh scares me a little.  That fanatical gleam in his eye and a demeanor that looks like he’s about to explode at any moment … remember the Jim Schwartz altercation?  Even though the Pats lost Sunday night, I was glad to see their second-half comeback slap the swaggering smirk off San Fran’s faces as they watched their lead melt away.  Aldon Smith is very good, but he’s all first-half steam and then disappears.  As I expect the Niners to do come playoff time.  We’ll see.

Here’s the picks.

FALCONS @ LIONS – Atlanta moves inexorably towards league supremacy, winning even when they play poorly.  Schwartzie’s Motor City kitties play angry, but that hasn’t produced wins.  Megatron’s record is about all they’re reaching for at this point.  Falcons will bring some life to a dying city … but take a W away with them.

RAIDERS @ PANTHERS – Panthers proved they like the taste of California football players after devouring the Chargers last week.  Newton & company maul the pirates.

SAINTS @ COWBOYS – Dallas is on the cusp of either winning their division or possibly clinching a Wild Card slot.  The Saints have only their pride on the line.  Dallas.

TITANS @ PACKERS – Packers roll on towards the playoffs.  Green Bay.

VIKINGS @ TEXANS – Adrian Peterson is amazing to watch this season.  If the Texans can stop him, they own this game … if … Houston, barely.

PATRIOTS @ JAGUARS – The Patriot cheerleaders substitute for the players this week and beat the Jaguars anyway.  New England.

COLTS @ CHIEFS – Indy clinches a playoff berth with this win.  Colts stampede.

BILLS @ DOLPHINS – The AFC East basement match goes to … Miami.

CHARGERS @ JETS – A match-up between the two most underperforming coaches in the NFL.  To make it interesting they should swap teams before the game.  Chargers, because the Jets won’t use any quarterback this week.

REDSKINS @ EAGLES – Everybody on the RGIII bus!  Skins pluck the Eagles.

BENGALS @ STEELERS – Cincy takes a run at division supremacy by vanquishing the languishing Steelheads.

RAMS @ BUCCANEERS – A pretty even game between two improving clubs.  Bucs in a squeaker.

BROWNS @ BRONCOS – The Browns aren’t cupcakes anymore, but the Broncs are an irresistible force.  Manning’s mustangs masticate Cleveland.

BEARS @ CARDINALS – Bears.  They can’t lose this one if they tried.

GIANTS @ RAVENS – Big Boys batter the Black Birds in Baltimore.

49ERS @ SEAHAWKS – Pete Carroll will give Nutzo Harbaugh all he can handle, but handle it he will.  Niners in a war.