Hey DC Dumb Butts: Ban Lunatics on Drugs!

Published on January 18, 2013

What Drug Date         Where
School / Child Endangerment Antidepressants 2008-02-27 Canada
School Arson Incidents Paxil 2002-04-12 Michigan
School Bomb Threat Med For Depression 2009-06-29 Australia
School Hostage Situation Paxil & Effexor 2001-04-15 Washington
School Hostage Situation Med for Depression 2006-03-09 France
School Hostage Situation Antidepressant 2006-11-28 North Carolina
School Hostage Situation Prozac/ Paxil 2001-01-18 California
School Hostage Situation Paxil 2001-10-12 North Carolina
School Hostage Situation Cymbalta 2009-11-09 New York
School Hostage Situation Med For Depression 2010-12-15 France

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