President Obama – A Gun Owner’s Best Friend

Written by Skip Coryell on January 17, 2013

SandyHookBookThe other day I got a call from an old friend from college. I’d heard from him only a few times in the past thirty years, so I was a bit surprised. I was taken aback by his short and to the point email. It simply said: “Hi Skip, what is the best gun for self-defense?”

I had to think about that, because I had no idea why he was asking. I told him there was no single “best gun” for self defense, and then I took him and his ten-year-old son to the gun range. I didn’t ask him point blank why this sudden interest in guns at age fifty-something. He was a city dweller, successful business executive, husband and father of two.

The full version of this column is now only available in Doug Giles’ book, “Sandy Hook Massacre: When Seconds Count, The Police Are Minutes Away”.

Skip Coryell lives with his wife and children in Michigan. Skip Coryell is the author of nine books including  Blood in the Streets: Concealed Carry and the OK Corral; RKBA: Defending the Right to Keep and Bear Arms; The God Virus, and We Hold These Truths. He is the founder of The Second Amendment March and the President of White Feather Press. He is an avid hunter and sportsman, a Marine Corps veteran, and co-host of the syndicated radio show Frontlines of Freedom. Skip also hosts the weekly podcast The Home Defense Show, which can be heard 24/7 at For more details on Skip Coryell, or to contact him personally, go to his website at