A Christian Blogger And His Gay Tendencies

Written by Andres Ortiz on February 8, 2013

Matt Moore’s story went viral last year when the Christian Post blogger posted a blog titled “My Story: Homosexuality, Drunkenness, Grace, and Redemption.” Other posts by Moore have more fomenting titles such as “Meeting God At The Gay Bar”, “Praising My Way Out Of Pornography”, or “Being ‘Gay’ Is Not Just About Sex.” Although the titles of his articles may suggest him to be an unabashed homosexual for Jesus, Moore has clearly stated before that he considers homosexuality to be a sin. He expands that although he struggles daily with his homosexual leanings, he understands it to be sin and irreconcilable to the biblical God.

But this week Moore made the news again for a more damning reason. Grindr, a popular gay networking site, gained a new member in Moore recently and he was “outed” for it. When asked about him joining the site by his employer, The Christian Post, he explained: “I’m not going to blame my actions on anything but myself. I could try and find all sorts of excuses to justify my sin to a degree, but I will not do that. Ultimately, I sinned and got on Grindr simply because I wanted to.”

What are your thoughts on Moore? Should he still be allowed to blog with The Christian Post?

Read the interview at christianpost.com

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