Christian Conference Takes Over Orlando

Written by Andres Ortiz on February 23, 2013

photo(1)Ligonier ministries hosts conferences and seminars across the world in churches, cruises, and colleges. Annually, the ministry holds a conference in Orlando where the cream of the Christian crop are invited to speak to the masses. This year, upwards of 5,000 people showed up to First Baptist Church of Orlando for the conference with speakers like Cal Thomas, Steven Lawson, Sinclair Ferguson, R.C. Sproul (founder of Ligonier), and Ravi Zacharias. Founder in Ligonier Valley, Pennsylvania, and now based out of Orlando, Florida, the ministry has had a national conference since 1988.

People have come from all across the country and the world to learn about theology and to hear the preaching of the Word from world-changing speakers. If you register early enough, the 3-day conference admission will be about $120 altogether. The site is on a huge baptist campus which offers their own coffee shop, lunch accommodations, bookstore, and child care together with Ligonier. We at Clash Daily highly encourage you to check out Ligonier ministries and attend their events, the more expensive events include tours of the UK and 7-day cruises, but this conference is truly a steal for what they offer at the price it is offered. They also offer an array of spiritual resources on their site for little to no charge.

See you here next year!

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