Gay Group Slams Obama For Attending Prayer Breakfast

Written by Andres Ortiz on February 9, 2013

Gay Group Slams ObamaThe nonprofit LGBT group GetEQUAL came out against President Obama this week for attending the National Prayer Breakfast. A statement from the group’s spokesperson says Obama’s attendance of the historical religious event can be compared to “supporting the killing of LGBT people around the world.” The group has stated that the prayer breakfast is hosted by a “secretive” conservative group known as “The Family.” The group has also been accused of supporting Ugandan legislation known as “Kill The Gays” bill. It is important to note that is not the actual name of the bill but rather the mainstream media moniker.

The group is calling on Obama to stop attending these kinds of events that are “sponsored by people who are trying to kill and imprison” LGBT people.

Should Obama stop attending the National Prayer Breakfast or any other event that stands in opposition to the gay agenda?

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