High School Wrestler Penalized For Two-Second Prayer

Written by Andres Ortiz on February 16, 2013

High School Wrestler Penalized For Two-Second PrayerNicholas Fant, a student of Wake Forest-Rolesville High School, has been taking a knee to say a quick prayer before his wrestling matches for the duration of the season. This past Tuesday, however, when he proceeded to do his microwave prayer, the referee took away a point from him for “delaying the match.” He then lost.

Fant’s coach and fans were not happy about the decision but the North Carolina High School Athletic Association had another opinion. The NCHSAA noted that once the referee blows the whistle, it’s time to wrestle, not to pray, even if it is just for two seconds. Other referees and wrestling officials disagreed with the call and said that the sport must respect people of other faiths, especially if the “delay” is so minuscule.

What do you think? Would you have blown the whistle on Nicholas Fant?

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