Iceland Moves To Ban ‘Violent or Degrading’ Pornography

Written by Andres Ortiz on February 27, 2013

Iceland Moves To Ban 'Violent or Degrading' PornographyIn order to protect their children, the government of Iceland is now passing legislation to block pornography of violent or degrading nature from entering the country’s internet. Though the bill would not ban images of nudity or sexual content, Interior Minister Ogmundur Jonasson states that when children Google the word “porn” they don’t just get their friendly neighborhood sex fantasy, but they mostly come across some monstrous images of sexual violence.

Of course, this legislation has brought up the topic of freedom of speech and human rights. Jonasson’s spokeswoman sharply defended their stance by saying “I think we should be able to discuss the internet with more depth, without just shouting ‘censorship’ on the one hand and ‘laissez-faire’ on the other hand. Is it freedom of speech to be able to reach children with very hardcore, brutal material? Is that the freedom of speech we want to protect?”

Should other countries follow in the footsteps of Iceland?

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