Is Christian Music Making A Comeback?

Written by Andres Ortiz on February 13, 2013

Is Christian Music Making A Comeback_Christian artists such as TobyMac, Lecrae, and Skillet have begun to make a serious dent in the Billboard charts. Just last month, worship artist Chris Tomlin debuted his new album “Burning Lights” at No. 1. Christian Rock band Skillet hit more than one million sales for their album “Awake” which made them one of the only three rock bands to earn platinum in 2012. Christian rapper Lecrae also climbed to No. 3 on the Billboard chart with his new album “Gravity” last September.

The Christian music industry, having sold 23 million records last year, is gaining such momentum that it even caught the attention of PBS and the Huffington Post. During a large chunk of the Huffington Post article, Lecrae talks about his testimony in coming to the Christian faith and how his music seeks to help people do the same.

Tobymac, Matt Redman, and Lecrae also took home plenty of Grammys this past sunday.

Do you think Christian music will one day become the rule and not the exception?

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