“It’s the Culture, Stupid!” –What the War on Guns Is Really About

Written by Nick Taxia on February 19, 2013

americangothic__CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCOkay, I give up!  I can’t find the politically correct way of saying it.   I cannot find the fluffy adjectives and velvet phrases.  I have thought over and over of a way to say the following without sounding like some paranoid, racist, knuckle-dragging “Ruby Ridge” nutcase, yet find myself at a loss, for there are very few ways of saying it: this current “war on guns” is really a war on anything that smacks of “White, male, rugged ruralism”… and the more Christian the better.

This is what the Left is ultimately after; what it ultimately detests.  It is its mortal enemy.  And this is what this war on guns is about, point-blank (no pun intended).

Shwoo!  There. I said it.  And no, my liberal friends, I have dated and loved/love people of every color of the rainbow, so don’t even think of accusing me of being some Randy Weaver nutcase — but that’s the point: the Left has construed this “conversation” about guns to such a degree that stating what it is really about leaves any honest, critically thinking person with no other choice but to sound like some nutty White separatist type.   And I hate it.

I hate saying there is a cultural war from mainly urban-dwelling, over-educated, secular, conceited and oh-so “hip” liberal elites against their perceived polar opposites (the presumably less educated, rural-dwelling, conservative, more masculine, more pious, and predominately Caucasian areas —“fly-over country” as it’s called).

I hate saying that the emaciated, androgynous yuppie next to me in the Starbucks in downtown Washington is “at war” with the 50-year-old husband and father 30 miles to the south of us who owns guns, obeys the law, has distinct notions of “right and wrong,” comes home from work with muddy boots, attends church and speaks with a rural accent … I hate saying all of this.

When I envision this “50-year-old man” I think of my ex-girlfriend’s father, who I will simply call “Mr. H.” He was a hulking, strong silent type who just wanted to be left alone; alone to teach his kids what he wished, found nobility in hard work, loved his wife, who wanted his kids home at a set time every night, including those he adopted; a man who loved Christ yet did not exploit that love by throwing it in people’s faces haphazardly; a man who not only harbored hated towards no race or religion, but indeed helped people of every race and religion, mainly through work at his church; a man who built his house with his own hands, literally, tended the acres on which it sat in Howard County, Maryland … and who OWNED GUNS (gasp)!

Now, thanks to the Left, I have discovered an unknown love for my ex’s father, “Mr. H.”  But this love is born out of reflex (because the Left hates this man so, so much).

“Mr. H.” didn’t go to college. He couldn’t tell you the difference between a Sikh and a Muslim, nor Shia from Sunni. He couldn’t quote Lord Byron or Krishnamurti.   He never ate sushi. He never drank overpriced syrah or sipped a $5.00 caramel latte.  He didn’t know the latest exploits of Hollywood celebrities.

No, Mr. H. didn’t know much by liberal standards.  But he did know this: how to be one of the greatest human beings anyone could know, be they any race, creed or color. … And now, now (?!), liberals want to use Sandy Hook to again attack and destroy this humble man in the name of some B.S. “war on guns?”  No way!

“Mr. H.” is the type of man who built America, which by default leaves his “culture” inextricably entwined with this “gun culture” liberals are raging about.  This war on guns is nothing more than a war on this man and all those of similar demographics.  This may sound absurd, repugnant, paranoid, even race-based, but it is not.  This is the truth (sorry for still residing in the People’s Republic of Reality).

Ram_Farmer__300Trust me, folks, I was raised as a liberal.  I live side-by-side with them today; many are my friends, neighbors, and I know how they think.  “Mr. H.” and all things pertaining to “White Male Ruralism” are responsible for nothing positive in America to my former self/liberals.   I was taught this.  I believed this.  I lived this … I. Know. This.

To the Left, the “Mr. Hs.” of America are only responsible for the extermination of Native Americans.  He is only responsible for slavery, Jim Crow laws, the KKK and Black lynchings in the South.   He is responsible for the state of Black America in our cities today.   He denied women the right to vote and wants to control what they do with their “lady parts.”   He is responsible for corporations pumping toxic waste into rivers and oceans and for that poor polar bear trapped on that shrinking iceberg.  

“Mr. H.” and his toothless, ignorant ilk are responsible for underage girls being sexually abused in (Christian) polygamist cults.   Mr. H. wanted nuclear war and created AIDS to get rid of minorities and “them queers” in the 1980s.   Mr. H. wants to throw your granny off a cliff if she becomes too expensive for Medicare.  …And of course, “Mr. H.” is ultimately responsible for that oh-so horrid Second Amendment and the virtual holocaust it has unleashed — Columbine, Virginia Tech, Aurora, Oak Creek, Tuscan, now Sandy Hook; hence the linchpin in our argument here.

Indeed, to liberals “Mr. H.” and his Cro-Magnon brethren are responsible for every act of violence, exploitation, extermination, and discrimination in America, ever.   There can be no other “cult-prit” to the Leftist.  

So who cares if stricter gun laws will not prevent further Sandy Hooks? Who cares if only law abiding citizens will be burdened by the likes of NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the rest of the gun-grabbers.  All that matters to the Left is being able to again destroy a little bit more of the lifestyle, the “culture of Mr. H.” that has become synonymous with that “traditional America” they find so revolting.  This hypnotic thrust for more gun control is simply another excuse for the devoutly liberal, the devoutly smug, and the devoutly emotion-consumed elitist to again lash out at that so obscure yet somehow all-controlling “traditional America” that lurks so frighteningly outside their cities; that “traditional America” they view as equivalent to Nazi Germany.   For respect of the Second Amendment is a keystone to that “traditional America” they so abhor — all things rural, masculine, and Caucasian (and the more Christian the better).  

I have used the word “guns” in this article scantly because this is not about guns.   This is about an attack on a culture.   It’s not necessarily a “racial attack,” for many gun-haters are White.   It’s not necessarily a “religious attack,” for many gun-haters are Christians.   It’s not an “education attack,” for many gun-haters lack college degrees.  This is not a “gender attack,” for many gun-haters are men. 

This isn’t even a “redneck attack,” for gun-haters live in those weird and dangerous “fly over” lands.  What this is, though, is another and well–disguised attack on those who unfortunately fit all of the above descriptions.   It is an attack upon all of whom and that which the Left perceives has prevented America from being what they wished it to be since its conception.

Also, and let’s be honest, I have inadvertently and unfortunately spoken to the likes of the filth and human debris of White supremacist websites and organizations. But this is not some Randy Weaver-ish tirade about “all them Jews and coloreds” that are out to get me.  It’s really the White, 30-something hipster in my local Starbucks that’s out to get me.  This is about a culture, and a “culture” needn’t be restricted by race or creed.  

Realize what this “war on guns” is really a war on.   To twist the famous phrase from the great political strategist, James Carville: “It’s the culture, stupid!”   Too bad that culture sprang from predominantly European, male, rural, heterosexual Christians.   Maybe we should take a page from the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre and convert to Islam… 

Nick Taxia is a former campaign manager and consultant in Washington, D.C. He is the primary writer and producer of the conservative-leaning satirical web site, DuhProgressive.com, as well as a rising radio personality, commentator, and comedian.