Left Behind Movie Poster Revealed: Nicolas Cage To Play Lead Role

Written by Andres Ortiz on February 25, 2013

Left BehindIn the past few months there had been rumors going around about the Left Behind reboot and who would play the lead role, the main suspect was Nicolas Cage. Now the poster revealed that Cage will be, in fact, playing the lead role of Raymond Steele alongside Ashley Tisdale and Chad Michael Murray. Although the movie is said to not cover parts of the first book, it is certainly going to have a Christian theme due to its plot being centered around the rapture.

Tim LaHaye, one of the Left Behind authors, read the movie script and said: “It’s probably the worst script I’ve ever read.” The initial production attempt in 2000, starring Kirk Cameron, was a success for being first released on video and DVD before theaters. Still, the book’s authors were gravely disappointed in the production of Left Behind and its two sequels calling it glorified “church basement movies.”

Nicolas Cage has had a great amount of success in the past but his most recent roles have earned him great amounts of criticism. Do you think his role in Left Behind will bring him back into the spotlight?

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