Ohio State Professor Praises Soviet Union & Murder for Gender Equality

Published on February 17, 2013

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OSU Professor: God bless the USSR’s low murder rates, absence of violence Randolph Roth, a History professor at Ohio State University, recently gave a controversial talk. He was supposed to discuss his new book, but decided to preach his hate for gun owners and Republicans, while advocating for higher taxes and bigger government.

Our reporter caught the professor on video stating his belief that gun owners are “afraid” and “motivated by anger.” Roth stated that AR-15s “facilitate mass murder” and are used to “blow things up.”

There is video of Roth comparing Republicans to Confederates and apes.

The professor also praised liberal media indoctrination, Soviet-style big government and gun control, and directly stated his belief that “if [women] want to get rid of this gender business, you’ve got to start killing.”

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Randolph Roth, a professor in the History Department of Ohio State University, was supposed to give a talk about a recently published book, American Homicide, which has a morbid focus on murder statistics throughout history.

In a heavily scripted dialogue with Fred Andrle, a former OSU radio host, Roth derailed any discussion of his book in favor of a different topic – gun control. His remarks were so scathing and scattered that it appears the Humanities Institute, which sponsored the event, has no plan to release the official video.

“As I tell my female friends, as we move towards equality… you have start to killing more people,” Roth said within minutes of beginning the discussion. He reiterated, “If you want to get rid of this gender business, you’ve got to start killing.”

The Ohio State Code of Conduct specifically bans “threatening action that endangers the safety, physical or mental health, or life of any person, or creates a reasonable fear of such action.”

Throughout the hour-and-a-half dialogue, Roth repeatedly belittled and derided supporters of the 2nd Amendment. He  referred to them as “afraid” and “motivated by anger,” and stated that they “walk around in fear” and “worry about fellow Americans.”

The professor of History conceded that he does not own a gun of any kind. Nevertheless, Roth stated that owners of AR-15s are dishonest if they claim to use it for hunting. He urged them to admit the rifle “facilitates mass-murder” and is used to “blow things up.”

Professor Roth threw a tangential fit about Republicans. “I was waiting on Election Night 2000 for some commentator to say, ‘that’s the electoral map of 1860.’ …It was the Union versus the Confederacy, for goodness sake,” he said. Roth also claimed that in Southern states, “all those kinds of problems [of the Civil War era] are still there.”

Roth also referred to Republican voters as “anti-Obama,” and insisted they voted out of “resistance to the idea of a black president.”

The professor could not resist further digs at demographics he dislikes. During his anti-Republican rant, he suggested that their behavior mimicked apes. Regarding the resentment he perceives in Republicans, Roth said, “we can see this behavior, say, even in chimpanzees… when a male chimpanzee is humiliated and loses to a more powerful chimpanzee, they stew… and just hauls off and beats the stuffing” out of another ape.

Roth blamed people who do not support large government for causing crimes. He was adamant about making a distinction, though. No blame should be placed on the government itself, only the people who do not consider it “legitimate”. The professor’s preferred example of this was the Soviet Union, which systematically killed tens of millions of its own citizens. He asked, “How did Soviet citizens feel about the Soviet Union? That’s what matters. Not what we felt.” He insisted that Soviets loved their government and did not kill each other because that love.

The professor even found time to demand higher taxes and praise the “indoctrination by teachers and the media” used against students. He also made outlandish suggestions about his desire to study monitor people and push them to the brink of murder.

Although the university is doing nothing to reprimand the professor, the event has caused a buzz among many students and organizations. They have expressed their surprise and disapproval with Roth’s malicious speech.

Anthony Marlowe, a 4th year studying Forestry and Wildlife, said “I’m shocked.” The student also said he “questions if Professor Roth has ever read the 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution. I find it unlikely.” Marlowe also cited numerous statistics that contradicted the professor’s sensational claims about gun violence.

Mike Newbern, speaking as the Director of Ohio Students for Concealed Carry and a third year ISE student, had this to say: “Professor Randolph Roth is the epitome of what we are up against in our efforts to restore the right to concealed carry a firearm onto Ohio’s college campuses. Hisposition on firearms is nowhere rooted in fact and based more in the emotions of his personal bias. The university teaches us to reach logical conclusions after careful consideration of facts and data. Instead of considering the right to self-defense with that approach, those that limit our rights do so with nothing more than their own personal bias as justification.”

Professor Roth could not be reached at the time of publication for further commentary.

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