Sudan Arrests Christians, Raids Christian Bookstores

Written by Andres Ortiz on February 26, 2013

Sudan Church Reconstruction ProjectIn the past few months, Sudan has been active in its war against Christ and His followers. The Sunni Muslim country has proceeded to deport many foreign Christians and demolish churches. Last Monday, the Evangelical Literature Center was completely cleaned out by men who called themselves agents of Khartoum State Security. When asked why they were taking away all Christian books the men stated they had “orders from above,” causing suspicion that the Sudanese government is attempting to move into an Islamic regime.

The guards beat one man for taking pictures of the event and the next day the leader of the Sudan Presbyterian Evangelical Church was arrested. The church officials are still holding regular prayer meetings at the raided bookstore asking God to strengthen them during these tough times. But it might not be long until their prayer meetings are also raided.

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