Texas Preacher Preparing Teachers To Arm Themselves

Written by Andres Ortiz on February 14, 2013

Texas Preacher Preparing Teachers To Arm ThemselvesIn Beaumont, Texas, James McAbee Pastors Lighthouse Worship Center accompanied by his wife Misty and his three beautiful children. In the church site McAbee explains his “3 E’s” as Encourage, Equip, and Empower. But this Pastor’s second “E” has a broader meaning than just equipping his congregation with the knowledge of God’s Word. In his town, he is not only known by always packing a pistol but also for having stopped two two teenage robbers who tried to break in to his youth group building in 2011, after which he decided to become an instructor for those wishing to carry a firearm for their protection, more so for teachers.

When asked how he feels about teaching people about guns while claiming to be a man of God he calmly stated that his conscience is at peace with it. He opened a side business to teach proper handling of firearms for $50 but started opening the classes to teachers and administrators for no charge. During a local news coverage, as many as 150 teachers showed up to the class in one day.

Pastor McAbee also proudly carries a “17 in the clip and one in the hole” during his sermons in case of any emergency.

Is this Christ-like of a Pastor? Would you feel safer if your fellow Church attendants were carrying a firearm during worship service?

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