Abortion Assistant Admits To Cutting The Spines Of Newborns With Scissors

Written by Andres Ortiz on March 21, 2013

download1Philadelphia’s Kermit Gosnell made his large fortune running two abortion practices. His abortion clinic was correctly dubbed “House Of Horrors” for being unsanitary, blood-stained, and allegedly some fetal body parts were in jars around the clinic. He was arrested in January of 2011 and the opening statements started just last week. What is truly horrifying, however, are the testimonies his employees and patients are giving concerning his practice.

One girl, who was 17 at the time she hired Gosnell to murder her child, testified for hours on his trial. The prosecution argues that she was 30 weeks into her pregnancy, making it illegal in the state of Pennsylvania to abort (their limit is at 24 weeks). Moreover, one of Gosnell’s assistants testified that she routinely cut the spines of several babies that were born alive with scissors. According to the assistant, she was disturbed by the baby’s size and pinkish color. The defense lawyer argued that it was impossible because no baby would survive the drug injected in them while still inside the womb, digoxin. By the way, this is injected into the child to induce a heart attack and to “initiate fetal demise,” as George Tiller so eloquently put it.

Gosnell is being charged with first-degree murder for the murder of seven children and third-degree murder for the overdose of a patient. If he is convicted for the murder of the seven children he could face the death penalty.

I call on every Christian out there that not only tolerates but advocates a “woman’s right to choose” to open your eyes and repent of your sin. This is a silent, government-sponsored genocide that we are seeing happen in our nation and if the church does not fervently stand against it, then I don’t know how we will account to God for that. Do we want to completely outlaw abortion? No doubt about it.

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