Arkansas: Not Even Their Governor Can Stop Pro-Life Legislation

Arkansas governor Mike Beebe looks on during a Martin Luther King Jr. service in this January 15, 2013 Governor's office handout photoMike Beebe (D) recently vetoed the most restrictive abortion law in the country, preventing the procedure after 12 weeks of pregnancy. The bill’s name? The Arkansas Human Heartbeat Protection Act. On Monday, the governor vetoed the bill and on Wednesday both the House and the Senate voted to override the veto by wide margins. Of course, the ACLU has already jumped into this legal fight along with the Center for Reproductive Rights, supporters of the bill are prepared to take them on. If the state loses the case, however, it will have to pay all of the court fees.

Under this bill, if a fetus has a detectable heartbeat under 12 weeks it cannot be aborted. This bill could make Arkansas the state to kick the abolition movement into high gear.

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Andres Ortiz

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