Atheists Try To Have “In God We Trust” Removed From Dollar

Written by Andres Ortiz on March 18, 2013

dollarThe Freedom From Religion is always hard at work trying to banish God and His principles from society. This time they are attacking our currency and the phrase placed on it “In God We Trust.” The case is being handled by Michael Newdow, who in 2002 won a case against the Sacramento school district for violating his five year old daughter’s constitutional rights. The school district’s crime? Reciting the pledge of allegiance. God save California.

The suit has been filed with the U.S. District Court in the Southern District of New York and it argues that the Pledge is being used to proselytize unbelievers. If that wasn’t ridiculous enough, the lawsuit also includes seven children, their families, and members of NYC Atheists claiming they are offended at the name of God every time they go to make a purchase. You remember the NYC Atheists right? The folks who got upset about a street sign in New York dedicated to fallen firefighters of 9/11 because it was called “Seven In Heaven.”

You know, for atheists being such smart, free-thinking, righteous-without-God people…they sure are a bunch of kitty cats.

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