Bikers In Va. Start Church In A Former Bar

Written by Andres Ortiz on March 6, 2013

BikersChesapeake, Va., is now home to a group of rowdy men who share a common interest in bikes and Jesus. Seven Cities Freedom Biker Church had its first service last Sunday with 55 people in attendance, their ministry is also associated with the Southern Baptist Convention. Associate Pastor Max Rawls says he is excited to be using a location associated with debauchery for the kingdom cause. Moreover, members of the biker church today that used to frequent the bar back when it was open came to help clean up and paint the new location. Rawls explains how this simple act “shows the transformation in their lives too.”

As outreach, the church will ride with non-Christian bikers during riding season. They also take the first Thursday of every month to go to biker bars and cook hot dogs for the bikers. Their outreach efforts was actually where the ministry got their name from; the church is located near seven cities and they hope that one day their congregation will have members from all of them. You don’t have to ride in order to attend their church, they welcome everyone. But remember, the biker community is their main focus to reach.

Currently there are 13 biker churches associated with the Southern Baptist Convention.

What do you think? Can you be a Christian and a biker? Or is this a contradiction?

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