Billy Graham Prepares For His Last Sermon And TV Broadcast

Written by Andres Ortiz on March 28, 2013

Billy Graham Prepares For His Last Sermon And TV BroadcastBilly Graham turns 95 this year on November, his sight and hearing have diminished greatly but it has not stopped him from his desire to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He has already started filming his broadcast “My Hope America with Billy Graham” which will air in November. In the same month, Graham will most likely preach his last sermon. This is just another of his efforts to do world evangelism as his first Mi Esperanza (My Hope) event took place in 2002 in El Salvador. The television broadcast has taken place in such countries as Venezuela, Costa Rica, Honduras, Argentina, Singapore, Portugal, Zambia, and Thailand.

Graham is calling on Christians to become like “Matthew” in hosting viewing parties for the broadcast in order to help spread the Gospel even further. With the help and participation of over 300,000 churches across the world, the My Hope project has helped lead more than 10 million people to Christ as well as discipled and integrated them into a local church.

Will you be a part of this?

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