British Christian Denied Job Because Of His Faith

Written by Andres Ortiz on March 23, 2013

downloadJaime Haxby, 24, was interviewed for the job of making Prested Hall Hotel’s advertising and promotional material but soon denied the job by manager Celie Parker because of his Christianity. The manager said his beliefs would upset fellow atheist employees. Now Haxby is taking his case to the East London Employment Tribunal and being represented by the Christian Institute. According to Haxby, the interview seemed to be going well until Parker saw Haxby’s portfolio that included work he had done for his church and a Christian charity. After she saw this, she apologized for wasting his time and said that she and her fellow employees were atheists and could not work with a committed Christian.

This is not new to Britain, however. Recently, the European Court of Human Rights handed down judgement against three Christians for expressing their beliefs at work. At the same time, Naida Eweida was given a judgement in her favor to be able to wear her cross at work. I’m sorry, do we have to clear it with a court now if we want to wear a necklace with Christian symbolism?

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