Christian Movie To Be Screened In FL Prisons Over Easter Weekend

Written by Andres Ortiz on March 31, 2013

Christian Movie To Be Screened In FL Prisons Over Easter Weekend“Unconditional” premiered September 21st of last year, but is still making an impact today. The movie is inspired by the life of “Pape Joe” Bradford, a former inmate who now heads a ministry with his wife to help underprivileged children and their families. Prison Fellowship, the world’s largest Christian outreach into prisons, partnered with the producers of the movie to screen it over this Easter weekend. The movie was first screened yesterday (Saturday) in Orlando’s Central Florida Reception Center and will be screened tonight on Easter Sunday in the Desoto Correctional Institution in Arcadia, Florida.

The movie covers the life of Bradford, a young smart African American who landed in jail after hacking a bank’s computer system and stealing $200. It also covers his downward spiral inside the prison, the anger and rage that overcame his life before turning to Jesus. When asked what he hopes prisoners will take away from the movie, Bradford said: ” It’s the Easter message itself; you don’t have to be who you are now. There’s love and acceptance in Christ, and there is a life ahead of you where you can live with purpose and dignity.”

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