Conservatives Are Part of the Problem, Too

Published on March 28, 2013

MH900442223It is very easy for us as conservatives to point the finger at the blatant factors that have attributed to what we see as the degrading of this nation and of our culture.

It is very easy for us to point the finger and to blame liberals, socialists, communists, college professors, Planned Parenthood, Obama, the devil, etc…

Yes, I know that conservative principles are based on God’s principles. I truly believe that because of my conviction of God’s Word – but if YOU do not have that conviction because of His word, you may also be the problem.

I run across so many conservatives/republicans/libertarians that have such strong political views – which I happen to agree with. But many of these people honestly do not seek to honor God in their lives – to live a life of holiness for Jesus Christ.

Conservatives have become so wrapped up in being “right” that they have forgotten the reason that they are right. Along with that, comes a pride that condemns others who don’t share similar views as being dumb, stupid, evil, heathen, you get the point.

I completely believe that we should be confident in what we believe, without wavering or compromising. But we need to have an evangelistic mindset when dealing with the major and detrimental problems of this nation.

The liberals already have this down pat – they accept everyone and everything, and reach out to everyone and everything. They seek out people by appealing to their problems and offering a solution.

“Oh, but we can’t just solve everyone’s problems! That is not the role of government!”, shout the conservatives. Yes, I know, I agree 100%. But we DO have the solution to EVERY problem, and it is more powerful than we believe it to be – it is the Gospel of Jesus Christ! That He is risen from the dead and has paid for our sins on the cross, and has redeemed us from the grave we were once in.

pointing-fingerThis is the only solution to the problems that we face as a nation, hands down.

Conservatives, we must seek lives to truly honor God if we are to change anything in this country.

We have become so divided against the left, so harshly set up against each other, that we forget these are actual people. They are sinners in need of a Savior – just like us – that we are arguing with.

We have become so concerned with winning the argument, that we have forgotten that we actually need some support behind our ideas! That’s why we’re losing in an uphill battle!

We need to bring people in by knowing what we believe, why we believe it, and presenting it in a selfless and loving way. Loving not in the sense of being sensitive and compromising, but loving in the sense of loving someone enough to tell them truth without condemning them.

Some of you may laugh at me, “Oh but you can’t change a liberals mind! Liberalism is a mental disease! This dumb little girl, har har har!” This is the exact attitude we must seek to eradicate from our hearts, conservatives.

If you don’t believe me, ask the average person why they’re not conservative, especially my generation. It is not always our ideas that they don’t like, a lot of times it’s us. Because to be honest, if you actually take the time to talk to them, after a little while they realize they are more conservative than they thought.

I know this from experience. I have won over friends from believing the lies of the left, by just explaining to them what I believe and why, standing on my conviction, but also treating them as a human and a friend.

We are to be Christians first, before any political party title. The Gospel truly is the only hope for the world – not political ideas or government policies. Once people have a changed life because of the Gospel, their worldview will flow out of that – IF they are truly convinced of the truth of God’s word.

Do not think that your strength alone can change this country, remember, do not be “ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes” (Romans 1:16 ESV). The Gospel is the power of God – and nothing can stand against that.

KI is a Florida native. She volunteers her time at a south florida crisis pregnancy center.