Gay Activists Demand Tebow Cancel Yet Another Speech

Tebow SpeechApparently Tebow canceling his speaking engagement at Robert Jeffress’ church in Dallas was not enough. Now, the gay activists are demanding he cancels his speech at Liberty University this weekend. Tebow has come under fire most recently not just because of his faith, but because he has been scheduled to speak at churches and events that follow the biblical teaching concerning homosexuality. For those of you who don’t know, the bible calls homosexuality a sin (refer to Romans chapter 1). The Huffington Post said “Due to Liberty University’s reputation for intolerance toward the LGBT community, some might interpret the athlete’s appearance as a tacit acknowledgment of similar values.”

Supporters of Tebow are saying he should stand his ground and not appease the gay activists. At the same time, over 10,000 people have signed a petition started by Faithful America to have him cancel his Liberty speech.

What do you think? Should Tebow budge to the pressures of the gay agenda? Which decision will hurt his reputation the most?

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Andres Ortiz

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