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Hunt/Fish: What Kind of Fish Requires a 2lb. Piranha for Bait?

By Doug Giles

March 9, 2013 at 12:56 pm

Adventure angler Steve Townson achieved a lifelong ambition when he landed this massive wild arapaima estimated at 250+lbs from Middle River Essequibo in Guyana, South America.

Steve, who runs the UK-based company, South American angling holiday specialists, caught the mighty fish, plus another weighing around 150lb on a whole 2lb piranha bait using a 100lb mono rubbing leader, 100lb Power Pro braid mainline and an 8/0 Cat Circle hook.

Said Steve: “Arapaima are protected and cannot be removed by law for the table, but our partners in Guyana are working on strictly catch and release with the local Amerindians.

“Arapaima are the largest scaled freshwater fish in the world, but they can be delicate and must be handled with care.

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