Israel Expecting Locust Plague For Passover

Written by Andres Ortiz on March 7, 2013

Israel LocustsRecently, Egypt has recently been hit with a swarm of locusts and it is beginning to affect the southern part of Israel. During Passover (March 25), the Jewish people will be remembering the story of Pharaoh and the ten plagues. The locust plague was the eighth. This is not unusual for Israel, however, as the last random locust swarm was just eight years ago. Some Israelis are fearing that the locusts will completely ravage their crops, but others are pretty calm about it for more biblical reasons.

According to Leviticus, some locusts are actually kosher, meaning the Jews can eat them without breaking levitical law. But the European Jews don’t have much experience with locusts, it is mostly Jews of North African descent that have experience with identify which types of locusts are kosher. This should help the Israelis cope with the coming crop devastation.

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