Maryland: Pro-Lifers Demanding Justice For Botched Abortion Death

Written by Andres Ortiz on March 5, 2013

Maryland MorbelliLast month, 29-year old Jennifer Morbelli died from massive internal hemorrhaging. The murderer was LeRoy Carhart, whose medical license is now being attacked by pro-life groups as he was also linked to the 2005 abortion death of a down syndrome patient. As Morbelli’s condition worsened, Carhart was out of reach for the family, causing them to drive to a nearby hospital for medical care where she later died from a “complication related to childbirth in which amniotic fluid was pushed into her bloodstream.”

Pro-life groups like Operation Rescue and Defend Life are looking for Carhart’s medical license to be revoked and furthermore be charged with second-degree murder.

What do you think? Should Carhart keep his medical license? Should he be charged with murder?

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