Richard Dawkins Says A Pig Is More Human Than A Fetus

Written by Andres Ortiz on March 16, 2013

Description=Richard Dawkins Photograph: Jeremy Young 05-12-2006Earlier this week in the Twitterverse, the infamous Richard Dawkins tweeted a few things about abortion that upset even people from his own atheist camp. But the tweet to really kick things into high gear went as follows:

“With respect to those meanings of ‘human’ that are relevant to the morality of abortion, any fetus is less human than an adult pig”

Dawkins did not stop there and proceeded to add fuel to fire by tweeting:

“Unlike many pro-choice friends, I think fetal pain could outweigh woman’s right to control her own body. But pig pain matters too”

His tweets gained the attention of famous comedian and TV personality Joe Rogan who, despite being pro-choice, still does not consider the fetus comparable to a pig. In response to Dawkins and his supporting followers, Joe Rogan tweeted:

“You’re conveniently ignoring the fact that [a fetus] has a heartbeat and will become a person if you don’t kill it.”

Richard Dawkins is the author of such books like The God Delusion and The Blind Watchmaker.

Do you agree with him? Are fetuses the same as adult pigs?

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