What Did You Think Of “The Bible”?

Written by Andres Ortiz on March 4, 2013

The bible premiereIf you missed the 2-hour premiere of “The Bible” last night on the History Channel then you better be on the lookout for some reruns before next episode this Sunday at 8pm. I have been sorely disappointed before with the production of Christian films, music, and art altogether. It seems like the Church uses an all powerful God as an excuse to not give 110% into your art because “He knows my heart.” But this series was a breath of fresh air.

The series only has 10 hours to cover the Bible from beginning to end, needless to say they are moving pretty fast along and not covering much very deeply. The first episode started off on Noah’s ark where Noah began to tell the story of Creation. The cinematography was excellent, the special effects were astounding, and the score was epic.

I hope this bible series, along with the reboot of “Left Behind”, marks a new beginning for television entertainment. It is great to see Christians finally use the talents and resources God has given them for the purposes of the Gospel.

Did you see the premiere? What were your thoughts?

Andres Ortiz is the founder of The Saving, a ministry that plays heavy music with heavier Christian content. His new album "David Star", based on the life of David, comes out March 9th, 2014. Follow @andresaving on twitter.