Yale To Start Picking Up The Tab For Student Sex Change Operations

Written by Andres Ortiz on March 2, 2013

Yale To Start Picking Up The Tab For Student Sex Change OperationsFor some time now the Ivy League university Yale, originally founded by ministers as an institute to preserve Puritan principles, has been footing the bill for staff who desire to undergo a sex change procedure. But that is not fair, some students claim, if the staff has their operation covered why shouldn’t the students? According to a member of Yale’s Resource Alliance for Gender Equity, or RAGE (really?), the sex change is “among a handful of health care issues that are of concern to students right now; another would be improving access to mental health and counseling services.”

Yale would not be alone in this, at least 36 colleges and universities across the U.S. cover this kind of procedure. The director of Yale’s University Health Services said the matter is being considered.

The school was founded in 1701 by congregationalist ministers and was strictly Puritan. Among the alumni is the great minister Johnathan Edwards.

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