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AP Tosses “Illegal Immigrants” — Paving Way For Legalization Efforts?

By Kevin Fobbs

April 4, 2013 at 10:50 am

If congress cannot move legalization of illegal immigration as quickly as the liberal mainstream press would like, the Associated Press (AP) appears to be giving the effort an added boost. This week The AP has determined that terms like “illegal Immigrant” and anything that comes close will be officially dropped as legitimate terms used in their stylebook by the nation’s media.

The goal seems to be crystal clear to many proponents of border protection efforts like the Media Research Center, according to Fox New. The group postulates that there appears to be a political motive behind this unnecessary but controversial move by AP. They and many others are simply dumbfounded that terms which are openly used by the U.S. Government, as well as many federal and state law enforcement organizations and officials, would suddenly be stripped from media usage.

In actuality it is a no-brainer, because for the last two decades or more, illegal immigration advocates and their liberal mainstream alphabet soup news organizations have been pushing for removal of the accurate description of these illegal aliens. The left have attempted wherever possible to make certain the millions of law breakers streaming across the nation’s borders be labeled in more politically correct terms like: “undocumented immigrants.”

One does not have to wonder how the Mexican government treats the so-called “undocumented immigrants” who find their way across their southern borders. They treat them as the criminals that they are. They enact punishment commiserate with their invasion of their national borders.

Yet, in America, somehow the laws of the federal government and of the sovereign states mean nothing and apparently have little or no validity. It is no small wonder that the Associated Press would abandon the use of legitimate declarative terms that connect the illegal offense to the criminal action; hence “illegal alien” or “illegal immigrant”. This action comes on the heels last year of the President’s wave of his magic executive order pen, to nullify congressional legislation and enforcement of the law to arrest, detain and deport younger illegal aliens.

The advocates for legalization of illegal immigrants have long considered the term offensive because it allegedly stigmatizes the millions who continuously break America’s legitimate immigration laws. The real question is why Americans should; and why those waiting in line to come to America legitimately care two cents about what law breakers feel by being called by terms which accurately describes their criminal behavior?

This is the height of ridiculousness when these crass offenders can throw cat calls and derision at Americans who want to protect the nation’s borders and the law makers who want the border enforced. This is the United States of America, not the United States of Northern Mexico.

According to Huffington Post, last year considerable pressure was placed on both the New York Times and the AP to drop the use of the words “illegal immigrant”. The New York Times public editor even insisted that the words were an appropriate description for how it has been used.

Now, AP is doing a political flip flop, and reversed course on using the legitimate terms, while the New York Times remains firm in its insistence that “illegal aliens” accurately describes the invading individuals.

America is not a nation that should have to apologize for protecting its border from an invading force, because the invaders feel they are being slurred. What do you call terrorists who blow up buildings? They are terrorists!

What do you call people who engage in arson to burn down homes? They are called arsonists! So let’s get real, and stop the politically correct nonsense. We can call people who cross American borders “illegal aliens” and not some watered-down, political milk toast phrase that seems nice, neat and meaningless.

They are lawbreakers -- call them and treat them as they are, for what they have done to ignore America’s laws in open defiance. The nation is on notice.