Christians In Egypt Being Kidnapped By Muslims

Written by Andres Ortiz on April 8, 2013

downloadIn Mynia, a southern province of Egypt, there have been over 150 Christ followers, even children, kidnapped over the past two months. The reason? Church leaders believe it is because of the Muslim Brotherhood’s rise to power. This is because the preaching of the radical group’s clerics have emboldened Islam and have further the Muslim notion that Christians are second-class citizens.

According to CBN News, the Christians don’t report the kidnappings often because they don’t believe the police will help them. One priest said that officials in this southern province do not prosecute those who commit crimes against Christians. One of the more known kidnapping cases was that of Ezzat Kromer, a 27-year old Christian gynecologist. He was taken for 27 hours and endured beatings, insults, and threats to his life.

Christians make up 10% of the population in Egypt currently.

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