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John Kerry Tackles World’s Greatest Threat In Asia

By Marilyn Assenheim

April 18, 2013 at 9:46 am

If you think this refers to North Korea’s nuclear threat to the United States, guess again. China’s ever-increasing financial dominance and military buildup? Nope. Give up? The Secretary of State, while the United States is in peril abroad and at home, is in Asia to deal with what he has dubbed the major evil confronting the world today … man-made global warming.

No need to rub your eyes. Kerry, this past weekend, said the following in Beijing: “We are seeing the science of climate change come back to us now at a rate that is far faster and with far greater levels of damage than anything that scientists predicted 10, 15, 20 years ago … Every prediction that has been made is coming true, but coming true bigger and more dangerously.” Kerry made it absolutely clear that man-made global warming is a “settled fact” and that the issue is his “top priority.” He made no demands on any of the Asian nations to reduce this “threat.” America is the major culprit. It must be true; he said so, right?

The Secretary of State is tasked with the following responsibilities, according to the Department of State website:

-- Serve as the President's principal adviser on U.S. foreign policy;

-- Conduct negotiations relating to U.S. foreign affairs;

-- Grant and issue passports to American citizens and exequaturs to foreign consuls in the United States;

-- Advise the President on the appointment of U.S. ambassadors, ministers, consuls, and other diplomatic representatives;

-- Advise the President regarding the acceptance, recall, and dismissal of the representatives of foreign governments;

-- Personally participate in or directs U.S. representatives to international conferences, organizations, and agencies;

-- Negotiate, interpret, and terminate treaties and agreements;

-- Ensure the protection of the U.S. Government to American citizens, property, and interests in foreign countries;

-- Supervise the administration of U.S. immigration laws abroad;

-- Provide information to American citizens regarding the political, economic, social, cultural, and humanitarian conditions in foreign countries;

-- Inform the Congress and American citizens on the conduct of U.S. foreign relations;

-- Promote beneficial economic intercourse between the United States and other countries;

-- Administer the Department of State;

-- Supervise the Foreign Service of the United States.

The Secretary of State also retains domestic responsibilities that Congress entrusted to the State Department in 1789, including custody of the Great Seal of the United States, preparation of certain presidential proclamations, publication of treaties and international acts as well as the official record of the foreign relations of the United States, and custody of certain original treaties and international agreements. The Secretary serves as link between the Federal Government and the States on extradition of fugitives to or from foreign countries.

PLEASE NOTE: Nowhere in this list is there any instruction or authority for the Secretary to enforce his or her personal obsessions on the world. Particularly fixations that have no scientific authority. Insistence that the scientific community backs one by “consensus” is ludicrous. First of all, it isn’t true. Secondly, it can’t, no matter how much one might want it to. By definition, science can’t be a “consensus;” science is absolute. It either is or it ain’t.

Kerry’s mooncalves become even more ridiculous with the release of a story in Reuters this week : "Climate Scientists Struggle to Explain Warming Slowdown -- Scientists are struggling to explain a slowdown in climate change that has exposed gaps in their understanding and defies a rise in global greenhouse gas emissions." So, record highs in CO2 emissions yet things are cooling off, world-wide? That isn’t a “gap in their understanding”; it’s religious fervor.

John Kerry is continuing the fine, old Democrat tradition of creating phony calamities to chase while the world crumbles around them. It is, after all, easier than dealing with authentic problems. But John Kerry is fourth in line for the presidency. Now that’s a problem worth worrying about.

Image: U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Chinese State Councilor Yang Jiechi in Beijing, China, April 13, 2013. [State Department photo/ Public Domain];source