MAN STUFF: Store Beats The Crap Out of Armed Robber with Bat

Written by Doug Giles on April 12, 2013

A Chicago store owner proved this week that you can bring a bat to a gun battle … and win! The 62-year-old shop owner, Luis Quizphe, did just that after a robber held a gun to his throat and threatened his life.

Quizphe tried to hit the bandit with a bat when suddenly a second robber entered the picture and started shooting. Fortunately for Quizphe, the only person the robber hit was his own accomplice, who limped out of the store, leaving the owner alone to fight off the one remaining gun-toting robber. Quizphe sustained a bullet injury to the leg, and then another person in store came to his rescue, hitting the robber first with a stool and then with a fire extinguisher.

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