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Stunning Detroit Dysfunction Reported — A Harbinger of Things to Come?

By William Pauwels

April 30, 2013 at 2:34 pm

I'm originally from Michigan, so I'm somewhat biased. This short video about my beloved Detroit shows what happens when voters elect irresponsible and incompetent politicians, who promise more than they can deliver. Eventually, the laws of economics and sound business management catch up with the greedy voters and the self-serving politicians. Treating elections like high school popularity contests is a disastrous mistake and more and more of our citizens are doing just that!

Obama likes to claim he rescued the Detroit automotive industry and, specifically, General Motors and Chrysler. But in the process he sacrificed Detroit. In fact, he rescued the United Auto Workers union and their corrupt leadership, while screwing the bondholders and investors. The Obama administration also violated the bankruptcy laws in the process - in addition to violating the laws of economics.

(Frankly, the poor guy probably doesn't know the first thing about economics - much less good management practice. He was trying to do his political best. It's always politics with Obama and the Democrats. But that's not good enough as the disaster in Detroit so clearly demonstrates.)

You've got to be competent to manage and lead any large organization. Detroit has suffered from a lack of competency for decades and now the city and the taxpayers must pay the price. Other large cities - and in fact the states of California and Illinois - are also violating the laws of economics and the principles of good business practice. They have allowed popularity contests to determine their leadership - an ongoing practice that could very well bring our nation to its knees.

Watch the above video-link to see how one of the most prosperous cities in America can be turned into rubble by an irresponsible political and voting process.

Wake up America!