3 Nights in a Row John Stewart Jackhammers Obama: He’s Either Nixon or Mr. Magoo

Published on May 16, 2013

For the third night in a row, Jon Stewart was unrelenting in going after the Obama administration for the multiple scandals it’s been caught up in. Stewart admitted that after piling on Fox News for so long for overreacting to every little thing Obama does, they finally have something to be justifiably angry about, and could not begrudge them their moment of outrage. Stewart even agreed that President Obama could have acted like Richard Nixon, but if he wasn’t directly involved, it’s still bad because that makes him Mr. Magoo.

Stewart recapped the “shitstorm that is rocking the Obama administration” with Jay Carney getting pummeled by the press “for our entertainment purposes.” Stewart admitted that this is a good week for conservatives, and comically forced himself to come out with the words that conservatives are right to be outraged.

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