Adam Kokesh and Transvestites, Potheads, Anarchists and Atheists

Written by Skip Coryell on May 24, 2013


“Yes, I’d like to speak with Nichole Stallard, please.”

“Yes, this is Nichole.”

I stopped pacing, frozen in my tracks. Nichole was a man! Even now, three years later, I don’t understand that. I still don’t get why a man would undergo surgery to emasculate himself and dress up like a woman. There was a moment of silence as I recovered, but I stumbled through the remainder of the interview.

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Nichole ended up speaking at the national Second Amendment March in the shadow of the Washington Monument. I recall standing there on April 19th, 2010 as Nichole spoke to the crowd. He/She was loud and brash and very much in your face … kind of like Ted Nugent on estrogen. (Somehow, estrogen and Ted Nugent just doesn’t seem to fit in the same sentence. Strike that.)

As I stood there at the base of the stage, I watched a man walk up, and it was clear to me he was angry and that he was going onto the stage. I stepped in front of him and asked, “Can I help you?” He said defiantly, “Someone has to stop that thing!”

After a heated discussion, he stomped away angrily. I had just defended a post-op transgender person in order to support the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. What a crazy, mixed up world we live in.

Here’s my point. I don’t like pot. I don’t like atheists. I don’t like anarchists. I sure as hell wouldn’t let someone like Adam Kokesh date my daughter. (Sorry Adam.) But let’s make one thing perfectly clear:

I will defend Adam’s right to organize and carry out a peaceful, armed march on Washington DC. Anything less than that would be hypocritical.

Is it wise? Is it crazy? Will it erupt into bloodshed and civil war?

I don’t know. But here’s what I do know.

Adam Kokesh has balls you could shoot through a cannon, and I have to respect that. He believes vehemently in his cause and is willing to go to prison for it. (He already has.)

He’s fighting tyranny, and the tyrants have imprisoned him.

Image: Courtesy of Steven Straiton; originally posted to; Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license

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Skip Coryell lives with his wife and children in Michigan. Skip Coryell is the author of nine books including  Blood in the Streets: Concealed Carry and the OK Corral; RKBA: Defending the Right to Keep and Bear Arms; The God Virus, and We Hold These Truths. He is the founder of The Second Amendment March and the President of White Feather Press. He is an avid hunter and sportsman, a Marine Corps veteran, and co-host of the syndicated radio show Frontlines of Freedom. Skip also hosts the weekly podcast The Home Defense Show, which can be heard 24/7 at For more details on Skip Coryell, or to contact him personally, go to his website at


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