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Back in the Fight: Amputee Army Ranger Returns to Combat, Five Times!

By Doug Giles

May 9, 2013 at 9:47 am

Doug Giles- Check out my buddy Joe's story and his new book, Back In the Fight.  He's the only amputee in Army Ranger history to jump back into battle (five frickin' times) after losing his leg.  Cowabunga.  Plus he's a great young man who my daughter Regis and I have had the pleasure of hunting with from Alaska to Texas during our Purple Heart adventures. Please send this vid to your whiny nephew who squeals about how difficult his cushy life is.  Enjoy.

Joe Kap and my daughter Regis with her massive Texas Whitetail taken on the Cinco C Ranch.

Our Purple Heart Adventure January 2013.  Cinco C Ranch, Freer, Texas.

From - About the Author.  SFC JOE KAPACZIEWSKI is the only amputee in Army Rangers history to return to combat, serving nine tours in the Middle East. On May 24, 2011, he became the first enlisted soldier ever to receive the No Greater Sacrifice Freedom Award, given to individuals who epitomize selfless service to the nation. Since losing his leg, he has completed three triathlons and finished the New York Marathon twice. When not deployed to war zones, he often visits wounded soldiers at Walter Reed Medical Center and Brooke Army Hospital in San Antonio.

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