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Death Is Part of Life: How a Political Cover-up Becomes a Shroud

By Marilyn Assenheim

May 12, 2013 at 3:21 pm

Democrat hypocrisy is a given. The Benghazi hearings, this week, offer ample evidence. Two, stellar cases, however, merit special attention; Representative Elijah Cummings (D, Maryland) and Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton (D., D.C.).

Elijah Cummings, after listening to first-hand testimony from Gregory Hicks, Deputy Chief of Mission at the U.S. Embassy in Tripoli, was solemn. He offered a rejoinder to Hicks’s remarks, alluding to his eulogy at the funeral of a relative: "I said that 'Death is a part of life but so often we have to find a way to make life a part of death’…" That comment has gone viral but it still causes one to become rigid with disbelief.

If, indeed, “death is a part of life”, why such liberal angst over issues like health care reform? Gun control? Why the nanny state’s overweening desire to regulate what we eat, drink, drive or smoke? No such blame-deflecting horse poop was in evidence among liberals when Watergate hit the fan. And no one had even died because of Watergate. Yet, here is Democrat Congressman Cummings, attempting to pour BS balm upon the turbulent waters of the administration’s deadly deceit, desperate to turn America’s fury into a tempest in a teapot.

Not so with Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton. Rather than balm, her style runs more toward BS napalm. Don’t let the appellation “Delegate” fool you; Holmes Norton is a “shadow” Congressman, representing D.C. What’s that? D.C. is not a state? Well, no, it isn’t. D.C.’s Congressional representation is unconstitutional? Just water under the bridge.

Shadow Congressmen are not allowed to vote on the House floor. They can vote on procedural matters and in congressional committees. As a point of information, Holmes Norton sits on the oversight committee. She doesn’t let the prohibition against voting on the House floor slow her down. Her mouth is in eternal overdrive. Her statements range from thoughtless to egregiously idiotic. Holmes Norton’s performance during the Benghazi hearings has not disappointed.

Yesterday, Holmes Norton was attempting to bully Mark Thompson, State Department Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for Counterterrorism, during his testimony. Specifically, she was trying to force him to say that his accusations regarding then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s performance were politically motivated. Typically, Holmes Norton hadn’t done her homework. Thompson emphatically denied her allegations. He declared that he had served three Presidents. The first of which was Bill Clinton. As soon as Norton heard that, she dithered and changed the subject.

Later, doubling down on her own political partisanship, Norton followed up with a public statement saying “Enough with Benghazi.” Ignoring her own case of classic projection, Norton was channeling She-Who-Must-Be-Protected-At-All-Costs-So-That-She-Can-Run-in-2016 (that would be Hillary): “What difference, at this point, does it make? What’s the big deal here?” The Democrats want you to believe “nothing.” They’re working overtime to get that Benghazi nuisance off of the radar.

Cummings and Holmes are just two mouthpieces for a regime that seems to defy the law at will. Pressure, however, challenging the lies around Benghazi, is building. The wheels are coming off, even in the MSM. The White House is madly scrambling to remove the mud spatters; their version of transparency.

On Friday, the administration held an emergency meeting with the MSM, closed to scrutiny, in order to, according to  “…brief reporters on the latest shocking developments about the Benghazi situation…” Translation? ABC got out of line and others followed.  The Lyin’ King must force them to get their minds right. Apparently, 12 revisions to CIA documents weren’t quite enough. Our egomaniacal Dear Leader’s intention is to stop the media from being mean to him. He is ogling the underside of the bus they are driving over him and he doesn’t like the view.

Perhaps enough force will make Congressman Cummings’ words a political prophecy for the Lyin’ King’s reign.

Image: Delegate en:Eleanor Holmes Norton; source: 20color%20official%20picture%202006.jpg; public domain