Huh?!? — Michelle Obama Confirms Prez’s Long List of Imperfections

Written by Jeannie DeAngelis on May 22, 2013

Stressing that failure can be a part of the academic experience, the first lady, who attended both Princeton and Harvard Law, “told graduates that failure may be a part of their college lives and careers.” What she could have said, but chose not to say, was that high school graduates could learn a lot from a man who handles failure abysmally, because just like Barack Obama, “how they respond to any pitfalls will define them.”

Speaking of pitfalls and hard times, Mr. and Mrs. Obama are currently being blown about by a whirlwind of scandal, which might explain why it seemed as though Michelle was projecting her own emotional issues onto the young graduates.

Probably bewildered and wondering what in the world she was talking about, the young students listened while Michelle explained – sort of like the position her hubby is in with the DOJ, the IRS and Benghazi – “hard times … [are] when you find out what you’re really made of … But you can only do that if you’re willing to put yourself in a position where you might fail.”

It sounds as if Michelle Obama was saying proving your mettle requires not excelling academically and putting yourself in a position where you might fail.

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The first lady did point out that “Oprah was demoted from her first job as a news anchor, and now she doesn’t even need a last name. And then there’s this guy Barack Obama … he lost his first race for Congress” – which, rumor has it, got him in a ton of trouble with wifey – “and now he gets to call himself my husband.” The “call himself my husband” part probably only stands if the threat of impeachment stays off the table.

Confirming the self-deprecating comments her husband made at Morehouse College, Mrs. Obama ended her everybody-should-be-a-failure-but-me graduation remarks at Martin Luther King Jr. Academic Magnet High School by concurring with Barack Obama that, if given the opportunity, she “[c]ould take up a whole afternoon talking about his failures.”

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Jeannie DeAngelis
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