Israeli Air Strikes Slap Iran, Via Syria

Written by Audrey Russo on May 7, 2013

F-16A-107-pic002a“Never give in – never, never, never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.” ~ Winston Churchill

This past week, the Israeli Air Force (IAF) completed an air strike upon a shipment of advanced missiles headed for the Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah … a gift from the Mad Mullahs of Iran. This was Israel’s second strike this year against Syria and the most recent blast in its prolonged effort to prevent Hezbollah’s mission to build an arsenal capable of defending itself against the IAF and extending their tentacles of destruction within the Jewish state.

Israel also accomplished something else with this strike … they launched a salvo across Iran’s bow.

When Israeli PM Bibi Netanyahu draws a line in the sand, he has the testicular fortitude to follow through on his promise. When the line is crossed by Iran … and its proxy Syria … Israel “brings it”. Unlike the current US administration’s reaction to Syria/Iran crossing the line: They add three more lines and wait for Assad/Ahmadinejad to pick X’s or O’s…

The IAF struck the Jamraya military research center just north of Damascus. This is the very same facility Israeli planes attacked in their first strike in January. This is an ongoing Israeli operation in Syria due to the failure of the first round of air strikes preventing the transfer of Iran-supplied Scud D and Fateh-110 missiles to Hezbollah units fighting in Syria.

But the slap by the Israelis made their message unequivocal, by their additional targets…

The BBC’s Arab sources said that Hezbollah forces stationed in Damascus were also targeted. Other sources reported Israeli rockets also hit two 4th Division Republican Guard battalions (commanded by President Bashar Assad’s brother, Gen. Maher Assad). The site where command posts and arsenals overlooking the capital, were also targeted.

PLUS a little smack closer to home for Assad … apparently some rockets were fired on or close to one of Bashar Assad’s presidential palaces … Oopsie!

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