This Is ‘Truth’ in Obama’s America …

Written by Allan Erickson on May 22, 2013

MH900334950Politics is war.  The only valuable objective: victory, at any cost.

Government is god.  Worship or else. 

If you apply for tax exempt status to participate in the public debate, expect an IRS audit and multiple visits from FBI agents, if you are a conservative.  If you are a leftist, we’ll fast track your application, and even waive the application fee!

Police state tactics using the IRS, FBI and ATF to persecute political opponents is merely “very bad customer service.”

Many federal employees are paid to persecute American people who are deemed politically incorrect.  Career development is important.

Americans being murdered by jihadists overseas on sovereign American soil are “bumps in the road.”

Americans murdered in Libya when they might have been saved were left to die, unaided, by presidential order, but anyone who raises questions is a ring leader in political circus.

Holding government accountable is a sideshow.

IRS targeting of citizens is not necessarily illegal, but it’s wrong, and it happened, but it was only a mistake, according to the IRS director.

Lethal weapons intentionally provided drug cartels in Mexico by DOJ, resulting in 300 murders, that’s law enforcement.

Twisting heads off newborns — government-funded “healthcare for women.”  

Millions of women are seriously harmed, even killed, by abortionists, but that’s just collateral damage.  Worship the narrative.

Promoting a religion which preaches hate and violence is promoting “diversity.”

Christianity is contrary to democracy, contrary to the principles of diversity and multiculturalism, even criminal.

Journalists and media are manipulated and intimidated.

Blending corporate and federal power to the destruction of the separation of powers is not fascism.

If you call yourself a patriot, you’re a racist.

If you own a gun, legally, you are a criminal.

Political correctness is the supreme law of the land.

The President and the Attorney General don’t know anything about multiple unfolding scandals, they are not responsible for anything, and if anyone questions those assertions, he is behaving “shamefully”, and should expect a visit from the FBI and an IRS audit.

If you object to same-sex marriage you are worse than a murderer.

Children should be raised by a committee of secular socialists.

Healthcare is the province of government bureaucrats, not doctors and patients.

If you are working as a civil servant and successful persecuting Americans for their beliefs, you get promoted to higher office with a raise and a bonus.

So-called man-made global warming, and colonialism, these give the President permission to do anything he wants.

Putting Bill Ayers in charge of public education improves math and science scores.

It’s enlightened to appoint a pervert to indoctrinate school children to accept homosexuality, same sex marriage and promiscuity.  After all, we have penicillin, prophylactics and Planned Parenthood.

Revenge is the centerpiece of public policy.

Your land is not your land.  It belongs to the EPA.

Your property is not your property.  It belongs to the government.

Congress is an inconvenience.  The Supreme Court is irrelevant.

Morality is relative, subject to political considerations and the acquisition of power.

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Allan Erickson
Allan Erickson---Christian, husband, father, journalist, businessman, screenwriter, and author of The Cross & the Constitution in the Age of Incoherence, Tate Publishing, 2012.