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What Are The Bloody Truths of Benghazi?

By R.G. Yoho

May 13, 2013 at 9:49 am

“If four Americans get killed, it’s not optimal.” –President Obama on Benghazi

“Benghazi Happened a Long Time Ago” –Jay Carney, Obama Press Secretary

“What difference does it make?” –Hillary Clinton on Benghazi

“Death is a part of life.” --Rep. Elijah Cummings on Benghazi

If you read the comments coming from this administration, the Congressmen who are zealously providing cover for them, and the media who are seeking to forever bury the entire Benghazi story, the terrorist attack and murder of a U.S. Ambassador and three others are nothing with which the American people should concern ourselves.

Moreover, a strong case could possibly be made for the incident being little more than a huge intelligence failure, leading to several tragic deaths.

However, that case would have been much more plausible had the administration initially chosen to come clean with the details following the bloodbath.

Instead, President Obama or Secretary of State Hillary Clinton deliberately sent our U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations to five different Sunday news shows, ordering her to lie to the American people about what actually happened in Benghazi.

Please allow me to go into detail about what happened there.

Islamic terrorists attacked the compound in which U.S. Ambassador Stevens was located. The ambassador’s calls for help were ignored by the White House. When military people were gearing-up to come to their aid, they were ordered to stand down.

Two of the people who eventually died there were Navy SEALs, men who refused to honor the “Stand Down” order.

In fact, had they survived, it is quite likely they would be facing court martial for the brave and noble actions which ultimately cost them their lives.

The siege on the compound lasted for several hours, which would have given the military plenty of time to respond to their calls for help.

Apparently, during the time that these good men were killed and the ambassador was murdered and sodomized, Obama was either sleeping peacefully or AWOL from his duties as president.

It would appear that Hillary Clinton was equally negligent in her efforts to save them.

The next day, Obama resumed a normal day of campaigning in Las Vegas while the blood-stained embassy in Benghazi was still smoking from last night’s flames.

And like our president learned in Vegas, Obama also wants to keep what happens in Benghazi in Benghazi.

The inactions of Barack Obama and/or Hillary Clinton are clearly responsible for the four American deaths in Benghazi.

However, the Obama administration deliberately chose to lie to the American people and to the families of those killed in Libya. And now, eight months later, after their fabric of lies is finally starting to come unraveled, they want to accuse the GOP of playing politics.

Benghazi isn’t a political issue because of Republicans in Washington.

That responsibility is solely the fault of the Democrats.

Obama is the one who made it a political issue when members of his administration, including Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, were instructed to lie about the cause of the attacks.

Although the ambassador’s calls for increased security were obviously ignored, this failure in leadership didn’t necessarily have to result in their deaths in Benghazi.

However, once the attacks on them began, somebody in the White House repeatedly issued a “Stand Down” order, which DID result in their brutal deaths.

As much as the Democrats in Washington, and their loving bed-partners in the media, want this story to go away, there are still a number of crucial questions yet to be answered:

Where was Obama during the siege on Benghazi? Why didn’t the president allow the military to come to their aid? Did he know about it? And if he didn’t know, then why not?

Was Obama getting a restful night’s sleep while his own ambassador was being sodomized and murdered in Libya?

Where was Hillary Clinton during the siege? Did she know about it? And why didn’t she choose to take any actions to help?

Was Hillary sleeping while the ambassador and three others were killed?

Why was the military told to “Stand Down” during the attacks?

Who issued the “Stand Down” order to the military? If it wasn’t the president, who was it? And why were they given that level of power?

If Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton knew absolutely nothing about this incident, then can somebody please tell us why we even need a president? And who is currently running the country in their absence?

Why have the whistleblowers been demoted, but the guilty have never been fired?

And why is the falsely-accused YouTube filmmaker still behind bars?

Even if the media have gloriously succeeded in making the American people think they don’t need answers to these questions, the public still has a right to know the truth.

This incident wasn’t political, but the administration’s response to it was.

Moreover, somebody in the White House deliberately told the military to “Stand Down,” which guaranteed the deaths of four American citizens.

That, my friends, wasn’t political; that was criminal!

And please don’t allow anybody to mislead you. This was much worse than anything that happened in Watergate!

Nobody had to die in order to help get President Nixon re-elected. Obama can no longer make that claim.