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Abortion: Being ‘Nice’ Costs Millions of Lives

By Suzanne Olden

June 12, 2013 at 7:46 am

I’m ticked off.  Lots of things do it these days.  I tweeted that the President must be an octopus because shoes just keep dropping and no human has that many feet.  Each scandal ticks me off even more.  But this isn’t about scandals, it’s about the war that is being waged in this country on a segment that has no representation in government and no voice to speak for themselves:  the pre-born.  Pro-lifers don’t look at it as being at war, and we are failing miserably because of it.


I was surfing Facebook yesterday morning and saw a meme that a friend posted.  It had a cute baby on it and it said “If you’re pronounced dead when your heart stops beating… (Fetal heartbeat 18 days after conception) …why aren’t you pronounced alive when your heart starts beating?”  

Now normally I’d “like” it and move on, but I noticed a comment had been made already by a woman who said “Because my body isn't controlled by anyone else but me.”  The “well it’s all my body so shut it!” crowd refuse to look beyond their own convenience.  So I jumped into the fray.  I said “Except it's not just your body when pregnant. There are two bodies in question and the other one has a right to be here just as much as you!”  The genius then told me “It's suddenly not my body anymore? Wrong. It's still mine. Your god and your personal morals don't control my body.”  

That’s funny, I never mentioned God, just that problematic little fact of another person in the equation.  I pointed that little snippet out and threw in that maybe she shouldn’t do anything to get pregnant or try adoption instead?  I know, how dare I suggest facing consequences!


But no, she kept at it: “your opinion shouldn't control my choices.”  Funny how facts become opinion when they work against them. So, I brought out the big guns.  “The medical fact of when life starts isn't my opinion.  That child didn’t ask to be conceived, but I hope you can live with handing them a death sentence for your ‘choice’.”  

You want to get into it, let’s get into it … and right on cue: “Oh how quickly you turned nasty. Very Christian of you.” Boom!  There it was – truth makes me a “nasty” person and unchristian.  Apparently I should immediately cower and blather out an apology for my rudeness in advocating for the pre-born.  Yeah, don’t hold your breath, it won’t be forthcoming.


I then got a message from my friend who posted the meme.  My friend, who is a committed Christian and pro-life, and whom I love dearly, took me to task.  “…you know we're fully in agreement with our beliefs, but accusations will never help change anyone's mind”; and continued with, “We need to share the truth, mixed with love. If not, we only sound like a clanging gong, and the world will bristle up and fight against us.”  

He disappointed me.  First, newsflash, the world IS bristling up and fighting against us, and second, “nice” gets pre-born kids dead.


Therein lies the problem with how Christians fight against abortion.  We think we have to be nice.  Christ was nice!  Except He got ticked, too.  He suffered fools by using their words against them.  He had no problem pointing out when someone was doing wrong, and demand that they do better.  

I’d much rather be taken to task by God for angrily advocating for the rights of the pre-born then have to answer for standing by while millions of pre-born children are ripped from their mother’s wombs for no reason other than their mothers don’t want to be bothered by motherhood.


Let’s look at a few choice FACTS:  Someone has to speak for those who can't.  That “tissue”, “fetus” or whatever they call it to make it less human,  is still a separate human being.  In every area of law except abortion, the law DOES have a right to tell you what you can/can’t do when pregnant.  Try staying an addict while pregnant and see how quickly you are hospitalized to keep you from harming your unborn child.  It happens, daily.  


The idiot back at the meme got her panties in a bunch and started with the “Let's change all the laws and toss women back 100 years” “Let’s go back to dirty back alley abortions that killed women. Screw the rape victims. Force molested kids to have babies by their fathers.”  Oh Lord… really?!?!?  That’s your go-to?!?!?  

First, Kermit Gosnell would agree with you about “back alley abortions.” Oh, wait. .. his was dirty and a store front on a major street.  And the whole "rape and incest" exception is only 1-2% of all abortions performed in this country. The rest are performed for the convenience of the very selfish mother.  


As for your “rights”, you have the right to NOT get pregnant, you have the right to keep your legs closed, use birth control if you can’t, and if you fail, you have the right to live with the consequences of your stupidity.  Sentencing an innocent child to death for the “crime” of being conceived?  They didn’t ask to be conceived, and you selfish murdering people should be ashamed of yourselves.


I will not be “nice” or silent while millions are slaughtered each year.  So keep ticking me off, because it keeps me fighting for them.

Image: courtesy of: Editor at Large; Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Generic license