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Obama Scandals: Investigations Everywhere — No Results To See.

By Rick David

June 17, 2013 at 11:09 am

It appears that investigations are the latest technique used to cloak everything in secrecy. They don't have to answer any questions, but we never hear of any results. My wife thinks it’s like they’re treating us like kids. “I told you, we’re investigating this, now don’t ask me again!” It’s insulting!

What were the results of the Benghazi investigation? The day after the attack President Obama promised that we would find the perpetrators and that they would be brought to justice. It's been nine months and we have yet to see any results.

What were the results of the Fast and Furious investigation? Holder refused to turn over documents to Congress and was found in contempt, but no one was ever held to account for Brian Terry's death.

We are promised by this administration that they are investigating the targeting of conservatives by the IRS, but when questioned this week, the Director of the FBI did not even know who was heading up the investigation. Do you really believe that there is an investigation?

Now we find out that the NSA is collecting data on every American and we are told that this is perfectly legal and necessary because of the war on terror which our President claims is over. The crux of the “law and order” argument is that we must trust our government to protect us. But, has this government earned our trust? I think not. Should we trust a government that arms our sworn enemies, the Muslim Brotherhood government in Egypt, while persecuting Christians in our own land?

This week a dear Christian brother posted on Facebook that it was more noble to focus on the good things that God has done than to point to negative things such as what I allude to here. While I agree that we must never neglect to recognize and be thankful for the grace of God, it would be a serious mistake to ignore the activity of evil in our midst.

I wonder if this brother would have told Jeremiah to stop being so negative. Jeremiah was warning a nation of their demise. As Hitler rose to power, Christians in Germany were mostly silent. How did that work out for the proclamation of the gospel?

Polling shows that of the 65-80 million Evangelical Christians, half of those are not registered to vote, half of that half don't vote, and of the 25% who voted in 2012, 22% voted for President Obama. God has granted us the privilege of electing our leaders and Christians have been negligent. God is not blessed by our apathy.

This Father's Day I wonder what kind of a country my grandchildren will inherit. Will they be free to practice their faith without government interference or restriction? Will free speech be curtailed for more than just high school commencements? Will they be allowed to defend themselves? Will they be imprisoned for refusing to pay for abortions or for refusing to affirm a co-worker's sexual deviancy? Will they be subject to sharia law?

The prospect of such things coming to pass may be closer than many think. There is ample evidence that this President's intentions for this nation are not good. Wishing and hoping for good things may not be all that God desires of us. Faith without works is dead. True faith will lead the believer to expose and oppose evil. Acting as though children are not being aborted will not change reality. It will only advance the blood guilt.

Our actions must go beyond reporting the onslaught of evil. We must work to stop it. It seems that we cannot expect the current congress to rescue us from this evil regime.

I was thrilled this week to be invited to a Pastors' Policy Briefing sponsored by the Iowa Renewal Project. The topic: Rediscovering God in America with guest speaker Rand Paul. There is so much to admire about Senator Paul, particularly his courage to stand against the RINO establishment. I hope that I will have the opportunity to talk with him about the importance of having a government that promotes morality as the only assurance of maintaining liberty.

John Adams was correct. Government cannot force people to be moral, but it should punish immorality and promote moral behavior. Affirming homosexual marriage is immoral everywhere and destructive to the moral character of the nation. It is no more a state's right to decide than slavery, abortion or murder. I hope that I can change Rand Paul’s mind and that he can reason with his libertarian base.

There are investigations everywhere because there is corruption everywhere. It can be found at all levels of government and business. It seems that the bigger and more powerful the government or the business is, the greater the propensity for corruption. Lord Acton observed that, "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

A national repentance is needed to restore our morality and freedom. Without it, we will reap slavery. The Church must lead the way and revive itself from its apathy.

Image:; author: Harrison Weir (1824-1906); public domain/copyright expired.