Obama Scandals: The Tinfoil Hat Brigade Were Right?

Written by Mark Mayberry on June 7, 2013

TinfoilhatSo we all know one of these people. They all know that Barack Obama isn’t a natural born U.S. citizen, their cellphone is being spied on, and the IRS is auditing them for no reason. I like to call them the Tinfoil Hats. Well, it appears now that they could have been right all along. We now know that they are two for three at least on this list.

In the last few weeks we have watched with amazement as one scandal after another has been unearthed about the shadowy side of the government and it’s various co-conspirators. We have listened to various everyday citizens as they have recounted excessive targeting and invasive personal questioning by the Internal Revenue Service. We have also seen the Justice Department’s Gestapo like tactics against certain journalists and the Associated Press.

But now, today, we are faced with a whole new situation. The NSA apparently has received a warrant from what is being called a “secret court”, also known as a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, to compel Verizon Wireless to turn over all records of calls both domestically and internationally.

I would love to know how a FOREIGN intelligence court is able to compel domestic records.

This is very alarming. This data collection is set to continue into the middle of July unless the court of origin extends it. This gives the government the freedom to snoop on the cell phone calls of an estimated one in three Americans. There is no targeting of records for specific suspects, this is just my phone records or your phone records and the National Security Agency is free to go through them at their leisure.

Another disturbing issue here is that the NSA has an explicit charter to operate outside the United States and not to carry out surveillance on American citizens. However, one of the documents obtained by the UK newspaper who broke the story shows that the NSA has gone around their restrictions by having the FBI compel the records and then granting access to the NSA.

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