Sheriff Joe Arpaio: Bite an Ear? Here’s Some Bread and Water

Written by Angel Rodriguez on June 27, 2013

I have always been a proponent of an eye for an eye, or in this case, an ear for an ear. The problem here is that some of these guys have nothing to lose, they don’t care if they get another six months or five years of jail time for attacking an officer. What is six months to a man doing twenty to life with no chance for parole? Due to the fact that they have nothing to lose, they attack officers and other inmates with complete abandon.  They know full well that the officers can’t do much to them except stop them, and give them more jail time via some disciplinary hearing.  Ooohh, scary.. A hearing…. 

I have the solution for this though, and this may not be popular, it might even get cut from the article after editing! My solution goes like this, if you commit a crime while in prison, the lowest level of punishment that you should receive is the same level of damage that you inflicted. For instance, if you bite off an officer’s ear, we’ll get a pair of pliers and take a chunk off of your ear, let’s see how you like it? Oh I can already see my liberal friends coming after me for this, “Angel, that’s such a barbaric mentality, you are so violent, you are such a savage animal! You cannot combat violence with more violence, that just further propagates more violence. You have to rehabilitate.”  

I tend to strongly disagree though. If inmates realize that the officers are no longer going to be walking around with those stupid camcorders, recording their every single move and simply respond to crime by “stopping them”, then the inmates might think things through. Faced with the prospect of losing an ear for taking an ear, I think an inmate would reconsider biting an officer’s ear next time. This is not to say this behavior will eliminate the attacks in full, but the prospect of real consequences does wonders for ones behavior.

What do you think? Am I a barbaric, vengeful beast, or do my views make sense to you? I believe we respond with the same level of force that is used against us.  These guys try to kill us, while we are restricted in defending ourselves. That’s unacceptable.

Image: “Fagin in the condemned Cell”, Oliver Twist, etching, Nov. 1838; George Cruikshank (1792–1878); public domain

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